In this session designed for senior pastors, fellow senior pastor James Emery White outlines lessons learned from thirty years of pastoral leadership in regard to turning the tide against the three “natural flows” of every church: average age of attenders getting older, the methods and style becoming outdated, and the DNA of the church turning inward toward the already convinced instead of staying outward-focused toward the unchurched.

(Please note that this session is for senior pastors only)

Rethinking the Front Door: Excelling at Guest Services

In order to reach this new generation for Christ, we have to rethink our strategies on creating a welcoming front door to the church. It's all about breaking down the barriers that will keep them from wanting to come. And once they're here, how the Guest Services Ministry can provide that sense of community that so many are longing for.

Discipleship from the Ground Up

In a post-Christian culture, our approach to discipleship must be contextualized for a new generation. No longer can we assume even a basic grasp of Christian doctrine. In this session, Casey Jordan will explore how to begin developing a discipleship process, how to recruit and train teachers, and the importance of partnering with other ministries for a more comprehensive approach.

Turning First-Time Guests into Fully Functioning Members

In this session designed for small group pastors or others focused on assimilation, fellow community pastor Grayson Pope outlines how to turn your first-time guests into active members. The session will touch on assimilation, small groups, membership and baptism.

How do you stay culturally relevant, while maintaining the integrity of worship? Members of Meck’s Creative Arts staff will discuss the challenges and opportunities every church faces in developing and implementing services that are reaching people for Christ. Discussion will include adjusting to changes in musical styles, using the Creative Arts as an avenue for teaching, taking a multi-sensory approach and more.

Maximizing the Impact of the Arts

Enhancing Your Voice: Marketing as the Church

You feel like marketing is important, but how can you do it in a compelling way as a church? In this session, we'll explore how you can pair internal and external marketing strategies, uncover ways to create a culture of invitation within your church, and discuss what has (and hasn't!) worked at Mecklenburg Community Church. Amber Brown, Meck's Director of Communications, will lead the discussion as we strive to become better communicators, marketers, leaders and culture-changers.

Reaching and Shaping Generation Z: Dynamics of Children's Ministry

Children's ministry is the most important sub-ministry in the life of the church for outreach and overall growth, particularly when it comes to reaching Generation Z. This session, led by our MecKidz staff, will examine the dynamics of an effective children's ministry, from programming to curriculum, including outreach strategies to parents and families.

"May I have your attention please?": Connecting with Students

8 seconds. That’s what studies show is the average attention span in today’s culture. We have to learn to adapt how we do ministry to reach a culture who can disengage at the drop of a hat. In this session our Student Ministry pastors will cover what they do to grab - and keep - the attention of Generation Z.