CHARLOTTE, NORTH cAROLINA                               SCHEDULE

8:30 a.m.    Registration Check-in
9 a.m.         Session One (with Q&A)
11 a.m.       Break
11:30 a.m.  Session Two (with Q&A)
1 p.m.         Lunch
2 p.m.         Session Three (with Q&A)
3:30 p.m.    Conference Ends

The Church & Culture Conference in Charlotte, NC will be held at Mecklenburg Community Church (Meck). This is the church where Dr. James Emery White serves as the senior pastor. 

Mecklenburg Community Church
8335 Browne Road
Charlotte, NC 28269


2018 Plenary Sessions

Knowing the signs of the times and how best to live in light of them - particularly as the church - is a powerful combination. One of the clearest signs of our day has been the marked rise of the "nones" - those who when asked what their religious affiliation is would respond, "Nothing." This doesn't necessarily mean that they are rejecting God, rather they simply ignore Him and don't see how He has any relevance for their lives. In this session, James Emery White - author of The Rise of the Nones - will reveal some of the cultural trends that have led to this staggering rise.

Session one:



The rise of the nones has produced the first post-Christian generation in American history, “Generation Z,” which is also the largest generation of our day. In this session, James Emery White - author of Meet Generation Z: Understanding and Reaching the New Post-Christian World - will introduce you to this generation, lay-out the most important marks of Generation Z, and offer three critical approaches to reaching them for Christ.

Session two:
Meet Generation Z


In order to reach Generation Z, cultural bridges have to be built with the unchurched. For not only are we in a post-Christian culture, but the world is also a post-truth world. The church must figure out ways to change to reach a generation who, when presented with the truths of Scripture, often choose to respond: “So what?”

Session Three:


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Wondering where to stay?

While there are a number of hotels nearby the church, here are a couple that we would recommend: