The annual Church & Culture Conference has a clear target on the wall. 

Each year, new and updated content on the most pressing cultural trends and realities. If the church's mission is the evangelization and transformation of culture, then knowing what is happening culturally is paramount.

However, the annual Church & Culture Conference isn't simply about the latest cultural insights, it's about the practice of ministry in light of those insights. Teaching will be led by author and pastor James Emery White in partnership with Mecklenburg Community Church (which experiences 70% annual growth from the unchurched). The 2017 Church & Culture Conference will make sure you are up to date on such things as: the rise of the nones, Generation Z, the return to the medieval and so much more. Because the goal is both to know our world, and then to know what to do to reach it.

This year, the event in Charlotte will also be offering an optional additional day for breakout sessions to gain a deeper understanding on turning new cultural realities into cutting-edge effectiveness.