The vision of the Church & Culture Conference is to take a deep look at the most pressing cultural trends and realities, and how the church must respond in light of these insights. This is all with a clear target on the wall: the evangelization and transformation of culture through the centrality of the local church.

We live in a day that is marked by the rise of the "nones" (those who when asked what their religious affiliation is would respond, "nothing") and the generation coming of age through this rise - Generation Z. Gen Z kids are growing up in what is an increasingly post-Christian culture. Sadly, many churches are facing declining attendance particularly among the younger generation. The church needs to gain a better understanding of the characteristics of this generation, and the changes that must be made if they are going to be reached for Christ. 

What if you could learn from a church that has grown from one family to more than 10,000 attenders and that has more than 70% of that growth come from people who were previously unchurched? A church that has grown younger on average every year for the last decade? What if you could learn from a coach who is both professor and pastor, academic and practitioner? And what if you could do this by attending a one-day event that will:

  • clearly explain the current state of our culture;

  • outline the challenges we face as the church;

  • offer practical tips and techniques, solutions and strategies;

  • and help your church reach its fullest redemptive potential?

Whether a pastor, church leader, volunteer or member, this is a conference where everyone who attends will have a better sense of their role in reaching the unchurched within their community.

Stay tuned for the dates of the 2019 Church & Culture Conference!